Producer: RZA
Album: Wu-Tang Forever
Label: Loud

Forever was released four years after 36 Chambers. "Reunited" is specifically designed to commemorate the group's long-anticipated return as a unit. As GZA succinctly states in his opening verse, "Reunited/Double LP, world excited/Struck a match to the underground/Industry ignited." This is a concise summary of the Wu story up to that juncture. The group did kick hip-hop in the ass, and the bidding wars to sign members to solo deals were proof they were a hot commodity.

Production-wise, the strings on "Reunited" sounded far more clean than previous RZA tracks, but the rhyming was raw as ever. This is one of the last times Ol' Dirty sounded like he was an actual part of the group. His various legal and personal problems kept him away from future WTC efforts, yet here he sounds determined and focused. But he's still that lovable lunatic, talking about "I don't walk, I get carried."