Producer: RZA
Album: Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
Label: Elektra

The Brooklyn Zoo madman starts with perhaps the most stable mental state he ever demonstrated on any song he ever recorded. "I never put doubt in my mind/'Cause I know when I touch the mic there's the rhyme," he says confidently. Soon though, he starts to slip into the drunken homeless man persona that made him famous, contemplating that "I came out my mama's pussy, I'm on welfare/Twenty-six-years old, still on welfare."

Method Man comes in to do the chorus, based on the '60s TV show Rawhide, but Dirty keeps rhyming. Now belligerent, he starts raising his voice, "I wanna see blood/Whether it's period blood or bustin' your fuckin' face—some blood!/I'm goin' out of my fuckin' mind/Every time I get around devils [breathes heavy]/Then I calm down." Well, he's calm for only a sec, before calling himself a goblin. Then, in a true flash of madness, he threatens, "Imagine you get shot up with Ol' Dirty insulin/You bound to catch AIDS or somethin'/Not sayin' I got it/But, nigga, if I got it, you got it!/WHAT!!!"