Producer: Juju
Album: Supreme Clientele
Label: Epic/Razor Sharp Records

"To glorious days," says GFK early on "One," and you can feel him on that. This celebratory hymn is like picturing the heavens opening up and sunbeams escaping towards Earth. Juju from the Beatnuts blesses Supreme Clientele with this magnificent track that compels Ghost to spit one of his most entertaining and insightful choruses: "Ayo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies/Fifty cent sodas in the 'hood, they goin' crazy/Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts/Fast from the hog, y'all, and grow up!" Starks' synergy continues, this time braggin' about bizarre shit like "dickin' down Oprah" and having fun with the recurring "One" sample ("How many girls you got fucked, yo?" "One!" "That's it?").