Producer: 4th Disciple
Album: Wu-Tang Forever
Label: Loud

4th Disciple pieces together slot-machine ka-chings, high-pitched keys, and climaxing fireworks for one of the more slanged-out exercises from the Clan. "Older Gods" is to some degree based on Five Percent ideology, mostly in the chorus: "Yo, the older God put me on and had to rock this/Maintain 360, Lord live prosperous/It only takes a lesson a day just to analyze life/One time in the respectable mind." (The song ignores the standard verse-chorus-verse structure and sticks the twice-repeated hook in between the second and final stanza.)

There are easier-to-understand moments within the coded language, like Ghost saying, "Might walk up in your studio time, slap your engineer." Rae's rhyme is also complex, but does give us bits like, "Money be longer than triple life" and "holdin' my nuts fuckin' thousand-dollar lesbians." For the finale, the GZA drops a doozy of an observation: "Copycats are finicky without skills, they mastered the art of mimicry."

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