Producer: Black Moes-Art
Album: Supreme Clientele
Label: Epic/Razor Sharp Records

Can you respect the gangster of a song called "Nutmeg"? Yes, you fucking can. This whirling, energetic explosion stuffed with fortified free-association rhymes has GFK mouthin' off at his undeserving competition, facetiously boasting, "Shit, I studied under Bruce Lee, nigga. He was on the fourth [floor], I was on the third."

RZA's cameo is rapid-fire riddles, which get kinda nasty if you listen closely, but he also has some lines worth a chuckle, especially if you imagine the Zig Zag Zig Allah snapping his "fingers like the Fonz." Repeated listens will give the confused a slightly clearer interpretation of a few of the out-there lyrics (which Ghost has confessed aren't always meant to make sense), some of which are pretty damn cool, like, "See Ghost lampin' in the throne with the King Tut hat." Picture that shit. Ill, right?