Producer: True Master
Album: The Pillage
Label: Razor Sharp/Epic Street

Cappadonna's underrated "Milk the Cow" might have thrown some off with the quirky title. Those that didn't sleep were treated to a passionate 'Donna daring to be all that he could be all for the sake of his family. "Strivin' for perfection/The only way I got my life back was through investin'/Devotion, movin' my soul toward the skit/Vocabulary, comin' out my ass like shit/To feed my babies," he raps. He ends the verse with some advice he remembers getting from his Ol' Earth: "My mother told me when I was so stressed out/'All you gotta do is just put your best out'/And I did it, milky." The royal sound rolls along like a never-ending red carpet, and Method Man is once again in charge of nailing a chorus like only he knows how. Chicka-POW!