Producer: RZA
Album: Tical
Label: Def Jam

Lore has it that the Clan's men would battle each other for RZA's beats, the victor getting their pick for their respective solo albums. "Meth vs. Chef" gives us a good idea of how those face-offs must have went down. Just the fact that they would craft a song out of a traditional one-on-one battle is noteworthy, but it's not unusual for the Wu, who often bring their own special concepts to the game.

Structuring the song like an actual boxing match, with a bell ringing to signal the start and end of verses (and a mock crowd cheering to boot), both hometown favorite Meth (it's his album) and challenger Shallah Raekwon go toe-to-toe, line-for-line. Notice how Rae seemingly stumbles during his 16 but, like a pro, stays cool and in control and gets back on track to finish strong. So who wins? The fans do.

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