Producer: RZA
Album: Liquid Swords
Label: Geffen

"Liquid Swords" is what the Genius and Prince Rakeem probably sounded like back in the day performing together—only updated. Reincarnated as the GZA and RZA, they utilize their past experience as crew members to deliver an entertaining number based on old-school fundamentals and their own trademark techniques (RZA's incessant background hiss-like sound effects and GZA's throat-clearing breakdown two-thirds in sounds like a human beatbox on the fritz).

They call out rival MCs throughout the song, taunting them for their dependence on cocaine in order to "act insane." "I put mad pressure on phony wack rhymes that get hurt/Shit's played like Zodiac signs on sweatshirt/That's minimum and feminine like sandals," says GZA, once again showing the ability to drop zingers in a serious (and sharp) fashion.