Producer: 4th Disciple/RZA
Album: Wu-Tang Forever
Label: Loud

On the bleak "Impossible," RZA's vision of a New World Order nightmare is engrossing: "Babies gettin' pierced with microchips stuffed inside their earlobes/Then examinated, blood contaminated, vaccinated, lies fabricated/Exaggerated authorization/Food & Drug Administration test poison inside the prison population." U-God holds his own with inspired thoughts about "the last days and times."

But the real rapture here is Ghostface Killah's emotionally driven performance, which ranks as one of his greatest. "Call an ambulance, Jamie been shot," he begins at the scene, taking us through his best friend's final minutes. "He pointed to the charm on his neck/With his last bit of energy left, told me, 'Rock it with respect'/I opened it, seen the God holdin' his kids/Photogenic, tears just burst out my wig/Plus, he dropped one—oh shit, here come his Old Earth/With no shoes on, screamin', holdin' her breasts with a gown on/She fell and then lightly touched his jaw, kissed him/Rubbed his hair, turned around the ambulance was there." The intensity with which he expresses the brilliantly written material confirmed, once and for all, the many talents of one Dennis Coles.