Producer: Erick Sermon/Erick Sermon
Album: "How High" 12"
Label: Def Jam
Method Man & Redman "How High"
Method Man & Redman "How High (Remix)"
The long-lasting alliance between the buddha-smokin' brothers Clifford Smith and Reggie Noble really took off with "How High," which, coincidentally, was also the name of their pretty-damn-funny blunted big-screen comedy. The hard-snapping remix is a sick-ass outbreak of their chronic rhyming skills that complement each other like identical twins. Upon close examination, this dusted duet is really a me-then-you-then-me-then-you-again raw cipher session that somehow is turned into a song with a chorus that references Jimi Hendrix and Superman. Meth and Red definitely soar above the competition on this '90s favorite.