Producer: RZA
Album: The W
Label: Loud

The tortured wailing of Syl Johnson's "Is It Because I'm Black?" all over "Hollow Bones" signifies literal pain on these three verses that deal with getting shot. Rae is on the corner getting lifted when "something told me duck/Folding me up, my shoulder's struck/Out of luck"; he tries to jump in a cab to get to the hospital. Elsewhere, Deck is heard "Fleeing the crime scene speeding/Beefing, leaving behind C.R.E.A.M./Not even peeping that I was leaking."

Ghostface hits the check cashing at the wrong time—five dudes try to rob him. "I thought for a second then chose/Rather than froze/Had the Gem Star in my hand/'Yo, what the fuck, yo?'/That's when I ripped Timothy." Shots ring, bullets fly...Tony doesn't finish talking. It's the hook ("That splash against my hollow bones") that lets us know exactly where the bullets end up.

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