Producer: RZA
Album: Bobby Digital in Stereo
Label: Gee Street

The first time you hear Bobby Digital's shocking "Domestic Violence," you might need a few seconds to pick up your jaw off the floor afterwards. Rearranging the hell out of the term "battle of the sexes," this Jerry-Springer-gone-realer-than-Real-Deal-Holyfield case study about unhealthy relationships finds the RZA's alter ego in combat mode with his girl. Insulted by his steamin' mad female nemesis, Bob Digi responds both with a dose of humor ("Talkin' 'bout you're going to be a nurse/Bitch, to be a nurse you got to go to school first!") and downright mean insults ("bathroom's more like a fish market"). The heated back-and-forth eventually deteriorates into a hellish screaming match set to a tragic piano.