Producer: Mathematics
Album: RZA Presents Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm Volume 1
Label: Priority

We all know that an agitated Ghostface Killah randomly lickin' off shots is more entertaining than most rappers' entire albums. Why GFK sounds so mad might be from the lack of airwave support. "Radio, stop shittin' on me!" he yells at the tail end of the chorus for "Cobra Clutch." The Wallabee Champ verbally attacks like the wicked wrestling move the song is named after as he flexes unconnected thoughts, metaphors, analogies, and other forms of insane speech that rush your brain cells rapidly. Mentions of Eddie Bauer, Gumby, Pert Plus, Milagro Beanfield, Kangols, Houdini, Rubik's Cube, and Peppermint Patties provide more randomness. Abstract rap harder than Chinese arithmetic.