Producer: RZA
Album: Ironman
Label: Razor Sharp/Epic Street

It takes a special kind of grown-ass man to dedicate a song to his "mommy," but Mr. Dennis Coles is probably the only street cat in rap that can get away with it. Ghostface gives a masterful performance ringing with so much genuine emotion, you're a heartless bastard if you try to front on it.

He details the trials and tribulations of a "youth sharper than cleats" and conjures up vivid childhood memories of "pluckin' roaches out the cereal box" and having to borrow food from neighbors ("So embarrassing I couldn't stand to knock on their door, friends might be laughin'").

The revelations that his father left when Ghost was six and that he has two brothers with muscular dystrophy made fans connect with the vulnerable side of Ironman Tony Starks. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige is the perfect choice to add on to the Jackson 5's "Maybe Tomorrow"-sampling track. "All That I Got Is You" is one of the few rap songs that can bring a tear to your eye.

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