Producer: RZA
Album: "'97 Mentality" 12" Promo
Label: Razor Sharp Records

What we have here is Cappadonna out of control on a ticking time bomb. "'97 Mentality" is some mixtape steez where bone-crushing rap after spleen-crumbling rap ricochets off snapping, whiplash-causing production. If you dare, fall under the spell of the Staten Island street preacher who brings his burial ground sound and heavyweight lyrics that never lost one calorie. "I came to make ladies out of bitches," says 'Donna in that unmistakable almost-whine of his. For added good measure, Ghostface shows up to do the message-to-the-black-man hook: "To the year Born God, all the Gods strike hard/Fast from the swine, hold down your boulevard/Father U to Cee Cipher, start the revolution/Middle finger in the air for slang prostitution." '97 was a good year.