Most Bromantic Line: “I still got the chain that you wore on the cover of The Source/Remember when we got drunk, to do 'Start From Scratch'?/I told you you was like a father to me, I meant that.” (Game)

Complex says: It’s tempting to idealize a bromance the way it’s tempting to idealize a romantic relationship: A 50/50 partnership where both parties have equal footing. But the truth is, it’s never like that: Someone always wears the pants. No rap bromance makes that more obvious than the one between Game and Dr. Dre because it’s been both amicable and strained. One thing has remained consistent: Game’s reverence for the good doc.

It started when Dre signed Game to Aftermath and Game became a superstar a few years later. Their relationship fell apart when Game started beefing with 50 Cent and eventually got booted off Aftermath and sent to Geffen Records. That’s when Game recorded this song (and his sophomore album, named after Dre, The Doctor’s Advocate) where he aired out his feelings about his mentor.

They recently patched things up (Dre narrates Game’s new album) but we’ve always been amused by Game’s pathological need to please Dre, namedrop Dre, then defy Dre, and then namedrop him some more.