Last week, one of the most interesting collaborations we’ve seen in a while dropped. The song “I’m A Goner” (created for a Converse campaign) paired Soulja Boy with Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K. This unique combination raised a few eyebrows and we couldn’t help but wonder how those three ended up together. So we got on the horn with Soulja Boy who told us about what it’s like to work with Matt & Kim and how Andrew W.K. is a Souja Boy fan.

As told to Andre Grant (@drejones)

How the song came about

“Converse got in contact with me about a month ago, around my birthday. I came up to the Converse office. [Laughs.] I was skating through the whole office, hollering at everybody.

“They asked me if I wanted to be part of this new campaign. Being a fan of Converse—rocking the chucks and what not—I told them, fo sho. A lot of different people reach out trying to work with me. I’m all about showing that the young movement is here to work. It’s all about meeting people and having positive vibes.

“I was excited about bringing three different genre’s together. My whole thing was doing something different. You got a pop star, a rock star, and a rap star all on the same song.

“The culture is all about music and clothes. Fashion and the genre go together, so when they tap all these different artists, that’s dope to me. Having the opportunity to work with them, especially coming through Converse, is dope. Me, Matt & Kim, and Andrew W.K. could have collaborated but it would have been more difficult. Converse made it easier and brought the opportunity about.”

Getting in the studio with Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K.

“I was in Miami and I flew to New York and got in the studio with Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K. I’m a fan of Matt & Kim, they got dope videos. We kicked it. I showed them a couple of my videos. They showed me some of their stuff. We played different beats and then I went into this vibe with them.

“I’d heard of Andrew W.K. because I heard his song in a racing game. When he played the record he was like, ‘This is the record everybody is familiar with.’ and I was like, ‘I heard that from a video game.’ [Laughs.]

“One of the things that was crazy about Andrew W.K. was that he was a fan of my music. That was a shocker and it got me amped up to do the song even more. He wasn’t flexing because he knew some of the names and words to the songs so that was crazy. Afterward, he sent a tweet that said, ‘I wanna do another song with you. I love your voice.’ That meant a lot because I love to make music. I would definitely do that again with both of them.

“In the studio, I told them it had to be catchy. We went through a couple of tracks and Matt came up with the dopest beat. The melody was perfect for the hook so I wrote down a couple of different verses.

“I did my verse a couple different times. The first time I was in Miami and I just laid something rough so that I could have it and that took me around an hour. When I went to New York, I changed up those verses in the studio.

“I was in the studio for about four or five hours with them. I normally go in and if I’m making the beat, I’ll make the beat and then I write my verse and then I leave it. [Laughs.]

“I think Converse came up with the title. ‘I’m a Goner’ means ‘I’m a goner on this lifestyle that I’m living’ from wearing Chuck Taylors to my fans. It’s too late for anyone to say anything to me. This is how it is, ‘I’m a Goner.’ That’s how it breaks down and I just went in.”