GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) listened to Tyler, The Creator's album Goblin. They weren't impressed. They even counted how many times the word "faggot" was used throughout the album, and according to them, it's used 10 times. When he won a Video Music Award for Best New Artist, GLAAD reacted on their blog. Matt Kane, GLAAD's Associate Director of Entertainment Media wrote the post on behalf of the organization.

The statement calls Tyler's music "some of the most violently anti-gay and misogynistic music currently enjoying mainstream recognition." GLAAD also expressed disappointment in the media and music critics for defending Tyler's language, explaining that "there is nothing ironically clever about hate speech, particularly when a significant part of those listening are adolescents seeking to emulate their favorite artists.  It’s simply irresponsible and destructive."

The organization acknowledges that Tyler's award was chosen by public vote, but they still urge MTV to carefully reconsider giving artists like Tyler a platform to reach young listeners.

You can read GLAAD's full statement here.

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