#12. The D.O.C., No One Can Do It Better (1989)

Label: Ruthless/Atlantic

Game: “Thought you was talking to Soulja Boy, huh? You thought I was gonna be like, "Ahh Thank Me Later." [Laughs.] That was the shit. D.O.C. was dope, he was from Texas and nobody could figure out how he was writing all these crazy ass West Coast stories and lyrics and shit. It was ill.

“D.O.C. was crazy because he was the dude who was writing a lot of shit for N.W.A. I knew that because I’m from Compton. Compton’s so fucking small. If anything’s said or done in Compton, you know about it. Everybody knew D.O.C. was the man. If you didn’t know, you definitely weren’t as big an N.W.A. fan as you thought you were.”