In the past few weeks, Game has taken shots at everyone from Lil B to Jay-Z to Kreayshawn. Although most people consider this hating, we beg to differ. Even though he’s spent his entire career beefing with other artists, you’d be hard pressed to find another rapper who loves hip-hop more than Game.

We’re talking about a guy who made a song where the hook was a list of classic rap albums. We’re talking about a guy who loves shouting out his favorite rappers. We’re talking about a guy whose got an N.W.A. tattoo and a Tupac tattoo. Even if he hates on your favorite rapper, Game loves music.

With his new album The R.E.D. Album hitting stores tomorrow, we caught up with Hurricane Game to talk about his 25 Favorite Albums. He told us about his favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan, when it’s okay to steal someone’s album, and why his first album belongs in the Top 10.

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)