Date: January 2010

What happened? When asked about Birdman’s claims that Lil Wayne is both a better rapper and wealthier than he is, Jay-Z responded by saying, “Being lyrical is just a matter of opinion. It’s who you like, so that’s his opinion. As far as money, that’s a little more factual. We can determine that...Put it up. If he’s that confident, I’ll give him a little glimpse. It’s crazy...Cut it out. Knock it off [Laughs.]...If he believes that, I respect that. That’s his guy. He’s suppose to ride with his guy.”

Complex says: Jay’s response was much less about what he said, but how he said it. His dismissive tone and laughter stung a bit more than an actual jab. Although it was easy to tell he felt slightly disrespected by Birdman’s claims, Jay kept it amicable.