Lil Wayne Sued Over Unlicensed “I Feel Like Dying” Sample

Date: May 2008

What happened? Although Wayne’s “I Feel Like Dying” never appeared on an album, music publishing company Urband & Lazar claimed the song was used to promote the rapper and that he never received permission to sample singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel’s song “Once” (No, it wasn’t a Janis Joplin sample).

The rapper was subsequently ordered by a court magistrate to turn over financial records of Tha Carter III to the music publishing company. Wayne thought the blame instead fell on the song’s producer Jim Jonsin, and he filed a separate suit against Jonsin’s production company in April 2009.

Complex says: Blame who you want, but if you were getting sued for a song you probably didn’t make any money off of, you’d probably feel like dying too.