Lil Wayne Sued By Former Manager Claiming He Hasn’t Paid Her Since 2005

Date: August 2010

What happened? Back in 2006, when Wayne’s former manager Melissa Philipian sued him for $500,000 and 15% of his $200 million in earnings for the breach of a signed three-year contract, she received a $375,000 settlement. But Wayne claimed his signature was forged.

In August 2010, a Youtube video surfaced suggesting that Wayne lied under oath and did indeed owe Philipian the money she sought in 2006. This prompted Philipian to open a new lawsuit accusing Wayne, Cash Money, and Universal Music Group of fraud, tortuous interference, civil conspiracy, and breach of contract.

Complex says: We’re beginning to think Wayne planned on stiffing Philipian all along because seriously, who really fires someone for booking a wack hotel room?

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