Twitter: @THArealVNASTY

From: Oakland, CA

Pros: Endlessly controversial, will get exposure thanks to Kreayshawn, at times fascinating to watch

Cons: She uses the N-word a lot, raps tend to be lazy freestyles, doesn’t have any real songs

Odds of blowing up: 1,000,000:1

Complex says: So far V-Nasty’s played the background to her White Girl Mob mate Kreayshawn, but she’s got a few freestyles and a slew of viral-videos we can’t stop watching. The most intriguing part of V-Nasty’s game is how effortlessly she puts words together. If she can focus her energy into serious song-making, her potential could turn to reality and she could even give Kreayshawn a run for her money as the face of White Girl Mob. She’s still highly controversial (and sometimes even annoying) but don’t front like you’ve haven’t had more conversations about her than any other rapper on this list.

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