Chase N. Cashe On The Future

Chase N. Cashe: “I’m not signed to nobody. The last deal I had was resolved for. I’m completely Chase N. Cashe, Surf Club. My whole thing is to do what I gotta do and be independent for real. I got a publishing deal [with Universal] so I always got work.

“I’m going to continue my artistry, continue producing. Continue to show people that I’m not 50/50 anything. I’m 100% an artist, I’m 100% a producer. You might find me in Warner Bros. office chilling with Joie and my brother Dallas. Or you might catch me on the road with Drake, chilling. Or you might catch me in New York, working.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that anything I ever produced with I was hands-on with except for “Drop The World” and the ghosting shit. But anything else we did, we were hands-on.

“We contributed lyrics and a lot of the shit, but me and Hit didn’t really know the biz at first so, not to say we got slighted, but we didn’t know what to ask for. We didn’t know what to demand. Now we know how the shit works.”