Date: 5/3/2011

Complex says: One of the ugliest public war of words we're ever seen took place this year when Joe Budden and Esther Baxter got in to it on Twitter (see all the insane tweets here). The two of them became a worldwide trending topic after Joey accused his then-girlfriend of cheating on him with NFL star Derrick Ward while pregnant with his child and threatened to release nude pics of her on the Internet. Baxter fired back claiming she never denied being pregnant and said she would leak pics that showed Budden was an abusive murderer.

Budden later hit up Funk Flex and dropped a freestyle telling his side of the story. Meanwhile, Baxter leaked pics of their dead fetus in a toilet, pics of her bruise marks, and did a video interview with Bossip explaining what happened (Google it yourself, no way we're linking to a post with a dead baby in it). In the end, it was totally TMI and probably the most uncivil way to handle a breakup. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Sometimes you need log off Twitter and take a chill pill.