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Clayton Hill, an incarcerated felon and former Nation Of Islam member, has come forward with details about his involvement in the cover-up of the Notorious B.I.G.'s murder. Hill claims that in May of 1997, under the orders from the Nation Of Islam, he retrieved a gun from a fellow NOI member who went by the name Dawoud Muhammed.

“[Dawoud Muhammad] stated to me that he was on the run for the murder [of The Notorious B.I.G.],” Hill wrote to Hip Hop DX. “He disclosed that he was the shooter of The Notorious B.I.G. because he (Dawoud) was a former Blood gang member and was paid to do so.” Hill also added that Dawoud bragged about making $25,000 for carrying out the murder.

After he retrieved the weapon, Hill transported it to Louisville, Kentucky and passed it on to Emile Muhammad, the personal driver of Minister Louis Farrakhan. The gun was then allegedly transported to the NOI headquarters in Chicago.

Hill brought this information to the FBI, and after viewing pictures of suspected gunmen Amir Muhammed and David Mack, he believes that Dawoud Muhammed is in fact Amir Muhammad, but had been using a false name. Hill said he could not positively identify the man because so much time had passed.

Clayton Hill's information sounds legitimate, but it could also be a desperate attempt to get attention. The inmate, now locked up for identity theft, is planning to release an e-book called Diary Of An Ex-Terrorist on July 15.