In a recent open letter to Jay-Z and Kanye West, a number of independent retailers have voiced their concerns regarding Watch The Throne exclusives that iTunes and Best Buy will be receiving. 

According to the letter, independent record stores won't have the album on sale until after iTunes gets their window of exclusivity. Additionally, the deluxe album version will only be available at Best Buy for a period of time, which is something "the true music fans who shop [at independent] stores will want."

"We believe this is a short-sighted strategy, and that your decisions will be doing great damage to over 1,700 independent record stores—stores that have supported you and your music for years," they add.

We can't blame the little man—they feel they're getting cut out of this deal unfairly and want answers. No word from Hov or 'Ye yet, but should we expect to hear a response from The Throne? We'll keep an eye out and watch this story unfold.

[via Billboard]

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