Modeselektor "Art & Cash (SBTRKT Remix)"

SBTRKT: "It's purely experimentation because it's doing collaborations in a weird way. You're given someone else’s vocals or parts and you're amped to recontextualize them in a new direction.

"It's quite exciting to do remixes. It's profile-building in the sense that working on material and putting out records establishes my sound and identity without necessarily having to put out my own records week in and week out.

"The album is something I’ve always wanted to finish up. It’s been work for a year, a year and a half. All the time I spent writing stuff and working on the records, I wanted to get to that stage where I put out bodies of work so people can understand me as an artist and I can continue from that point. Remixes aren’t quite as important in the mix as they were before."