SBTRKT: "I’ve been listening to their albums for a while and I've been a big fan. They seem to have a real, original direction. Every time they put out new material, it's always forward-thinking and changing up and doing something which no one thinks they’ll do. They're not conforming to what other people think is pop music or electronic or any particular genre. Even in terms of live shows, they’re pretty exciting. I was really keen on working with Yukimi, and they were really up for it.

"It was more of an email thing with them because before 'Wildfire,' I did a remix on their label so I had a connection there. I’ve seen them at a couple of shows and met them once before. That was the only track on the album that wasn’t done face-to-face. We just went back and forth over email because they’re in Sweden. All the other vocalists from the album were direct."

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