#13. Lupe Fiasco Calls Barack Obama “The Biggest Terrorist”

Date: June 7

Lupe's never been one to hold his tongue. But when the rapper called Barack Obama "the biggest terrorist" it shocked everyone, including us. What was even more shocking was that Bill O'Reilly—a conservative television personality who has often been critical of Obama—came to the president's defense. O'Reilly showed his disdain for the statement by calling Lupe a "pinhead" and claimed the rapper declined an invitation to appear on his show, The O'Reilly Factor.

Lupe tweeted that he never even received an invitation to the show. He later appeared on the program where he was grilled about his statement in a heavily-edited interview. In the end, Lu did a sloppy job of defending his point, but if any good came of it, it proved that at least someone at FOX News was willing to admit Obama was a decent man and not the anti-Christ.