#23. Lupe Fiasco, Lasers

Released: March 4 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)

Label: Atlantic Records

Complex says: In juggling Atlantic Records' idea for a more commercially focused album, with his diehard fans' stubbornness for a follow-up to 2007’s The Cool, Lupe delivered against his greatest challenge yet. His wordplay and double and triple entendres were ever present, and masterfully scattered throughout. With Lasers, Lupe proved that he’s a multi-dimensional artist skilled enough to bend and produce what is wanted, while carefully filling it with his own prescription of exactly what is needed. Sure, Lu told us he hated the album. But then again, director Alan Parker once described Pink Floyd: The Wall as, "One of the most miserable experiences of my creative life." So it's just a reminder for us that maybe an artist isn't the best judge of their own work.