#2. Bad Meets Evil, Hell: The Sequel

Released: June 14 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)

Label: Shady, Interscope

Complex says: Over a decade after their classic single “Nuthin’ To Do”/“Scary Movies,” rap fans finally got an Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” collaborative album. We were so excited we dedicated a whole week's worth of content to it. The timing couldn’t have been better for these two to hook up again. Nickel Nine is a better rapper today than he ever was before, and after dealing with the inherently heavy-handed topics of Recovery, Eminem is ready to have fun again as he jokes about Lady Gaga working at the post office because she's a "male lady" (Get it?). On Hell, we finally find out exactly what happens when Bad Meets Evil—they bring out the best of each other as they go bar for bar in an endless game of lyrical one-upmanship.