#1. The Weeknd, House of Balloons

Released: March 21

Label: N/A

Complex says: Lush, enchanting, and flawlessly paced, House Of Balloons isn’t just the best album of the year so far, it’s also the most engrossing. Both musically and in its delivery, it's something we might not have seen coming, but was exactly what we wanted. It was ominously released on Weeknd’s Tumblr, caught the eye of critics, and took off from there. The songs on HOB are filled with sex, rampant drug use, and the type of crooning that's sure to put your girlfriend in the mood. Weeknd has yet to do an interview, but from the little that we do know (like his affiliation with Drake and 40), it’s obvious he’s got a flare for non-traditional presentation. Weeknd is gearing up to release another mixtape, Thursday, in the near future. While we’re certainly anticipating it, we know that the bar has been set.