Royce Da 5’9” “You Can’t Touch Me” (2002)

Producer: The Trackmasters

Album: Rock City (Version 2.0)

Label: Koch Records, Game Recordings

Royce Da 5’9”: “I knew I wanted to get in the lab with Trackmasters because when I first went to Sony, my first meeting with them was with Tone from Trackmasters. Tone had some sort of position over there and he was the one that originally wanted to sign me. Before we could close the deal, something happened where he might have left or something like that. But I still wanted to work with Tone and Poke as producers.

“We set up a session and we went to a crib in Jersey where their studio was. I heard the beat and they were saying that Jadakiss had the beat too. I remember thinking, ‘Okay, I have to hurry up and record this before Jadakiss gets to it. If Jadakiss gets to it, he can probably get a record out a little sooner than me. So I’m going to hurry up and get this done.’ I went and did the verses in Detroit.

“I think I had a hook on there, but Tone ended up changing the hook. He had the girl come in and sing the hook, which was better than what I had originally came up with. That was pretty much it. We mixed it and he let Kiss know I had it. I actually talked to Kiss about that beat and he said, ‘Yo man, I had that beat too, but you killed it.’ He showed me a lot of love on that. That’s actually how I met Jadakiss.

“That song connected. It was my biggest radio song, it got the most spins of anything I ever put out. The only record that’s probably getting more spins on the radio than that is ‘Fast Lane.’ Things are different today anyway. That record it really connected with radio, even though I don’t perform it no more.

“That’s what happens when you’re young and you sign with a label that’s known for radio. If you sign to Sony, that was like the radio machine at the time so you had to give them a radio record in order to get a release. That was just me being young and conforming.

“I don’t go to the studio with that mind frame anymore. I don’t even know the fucking lyrics to that song. If you asked me to spit 12 of those bars right now, I would not be able to do it for you.”