Royce Da 5’9” “Let’s Grow” (2003)

Producer: J. Dilla

Album: Build And Destroy: Lost Sessions Part 1

Label: Trouble Records, Groove Attack Productions

Royce Da 5’9”: “That was a time where me and Dilla were working a lot at his house. I was going over there every day and he was giving me beat CDs with like 20 beats on every CD. I remember just being swamped with a bunch of beats that I liked. I remember thinking to myself, ‘You have to just focus on one of these beats.’

“‘Let’s Grow’ was an easy one to write to. I took it and I wrote it out in the car, sitting in his driveway and I went back in. When I was working in Dilla’s house, I would go in the house and Common would be sitting right there in the living room. So I went in there and I said, ‘I’m ready.’ He was like, ‘Alright. Shit, that was fast!’ He cut the vocals and I just got it done.

“Me and Dilla are both from Detroit so we would just see each other just in passing. We weren’t really hanging out, but I would go somewhere and bump into him. Like, I would see him at the strip club. It was just one of those things that every time we see each other it would be like, ‘Yo man, we gotta get some stuff done.’ We both just acted on it at the right time.

“In the studio, I’m all work no play. But then there’s a lot of jokes, that just comes with the territory. Especially if there’s someone in the studio we can crack jokes on. My little brother Kid Vishis, he’s notorious for that. So there’s never a moment too serious, but it’s all work. I can record two or three songs in one night and be on Twitter at the same time.

“I don’t kill a lot of time in the studio, that’s one thing that I pride myself on. If I’m in the lab and something ain’t connecting, I bounce. When I’m in there, I’m trying to get as much done as I can.”

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