Slaughterhouse “Fight Club” (2009)

Producer: Frequency

Album: N/A

Label: N/A

Royce Da 5’9”: “For ‘Fight Club’ we were all together in New York. And we just felt like we needed to do some new music, something we could leak out. We got together and went to a studio in Queens where Joell be recording at. Joell might have gone, ‘You know what man? Let’s not do the usual, let’s not even have this shit structured out. Like, you might go four bars, you might go eight bars, just jumping in and out. Just pandemonium.’ I was like, ‘Shit, I’m with it!’

“Somebody would actually have to go in and lay the bars down in order for the next person to even start writing. Everybody was feeding off the last work of each line. It was real fun to do. There’s definitely a chemistry. I like to write like that. That’s something that me and Em do all the time. That’s the fun part of us recording with each other.

“We’re focusing on doing that a lot more because it’s not what people expect. People expect us to go in and just rap long verses with maybe a hook in-between or just long verses with no hook. Before we did the first Slaughterhouse album people used to ask me, ‘The album got hooks on it?’ People really thought we were gonna backpack the album down, like we couldn’t actually make records as a four-man group.

“I understand because there’s so many people you wonder, how can you make a song at a certain length with four people on a song? So we gotta do different shit like two people can split an eight bar verse, they don’t have to do a sixteen.”