The Lox f/ The Notorious B.I.G. “You'll See” (1996)

Produced by: Puff Daddy

Jadakiss: “That was the glory years. Puff had us on a trial like, ‘I wanna sign y’all but I don’t really know.’ He was really gonna sign us, but back then that was just how the CEOs and all of them were on it. So he was like, ‘I’ma throw y’all on this joint to see,’ like it was a tester. But just for him to submit us a beat like, ‘We want y’all to write to this,’ we were like, ‘Hell yeah.’

“It was at one of the meetings. Ruff Ryders was our managers back then. Dee brought us down to the studio, so that was like an experience for us, going to Puff’s studio, because we were only used to being in our studios. We’d never really been in the big joints. So we came there, we chillin’, and he gave us the beat like, ‘Take this beat and come back in a day or two and when you come back we’re gonna lay it with you.’

“I guess [Puff] went to B.I.G. like, ‘I got these new kids, they’re crazy,’ and he gave it to B.I.G., and you know B.I.G. was already with just getting on anything hot. But it was like, ‘Yo, our first joint is with B.I.G.’ But we didn’t get to actually meet B.I.G. We didn’t know him, he just did it off Puff’s word. But it came out right.

“We were walking around with copies of that in all pockets, like, ‘Yo pop this in, we got that ‘You’ll See.’ It was crazy. We had New York and Yonkers on smash when ‘You’ll See’ came out. We were on top of the world. We here. Because it was all talk, ‘Yo we’re going to have a meeting with Puff Daddy, we might be signing to Bad Boy.’ Yeah right. But then when you hear that, it was like ‘Yo!’ So that was like a good introduction to the world.”