The Lox “Wild Out” (2000)

Produced by: Swizz Beatz

Jadakiss: “First single for The Lox’s album, We Are The Streets, fresh off Bad Boy. That summed it up, everything. That’s how we were feeling. Just released, free, wild out. [Talking about people coming home from jail] was the irony in the situation. We were recording in Powerhouse up in Yonkers. Everything was recorded there at that time for the most part, except when we went to Cali. A couple friends [would come in], but mostly just X, Drag-on, and us. Crews would come from all over to battle us. Not really a battle, but if somebody that the CEO knew came with his whole bunch of rappers, it would get ugly. We used to mutilate people. Obliviate crews. Obliviation.”