Jadakiss f/ Anthony Hamilton “Why?” (2004)

Produced by: Havoc

Jadakiss: “‘Why?’ was a song that I always had in my head. I mean, I always wanted to do a song asking questions, but I never could get the right beat. And that was a different kind of Havoc [beat]. That’s one of his meanest publishing checks. He got right off that.

“Anyway, once we got the beat, I had to ask some questions. But I needed questions that could relate to the whole world. I always had a lot of questions, but they were like inner city. I needed a broader horizon. But then after the 9/11 thing happened, there were a whole bunch of questions you could attack. It was going to be controversial, but it was going to be good.

“I had ‘Buck Fush’ shirts. Fuck Bush, but backwards. Everybody used to be wearing them on the tour bus. We happened to be in D.C. one time, and this lady went crazy in CVS, like ‘I don’t believe you!’ It was funny. I made it to Bill O’Reilly. Bill was talking about me. You made it when all that stuff happens.

”I needed some soul, and [Anthony Hamilton] was the perfect person at the time. Everything he sings comes from the gut. So he nailed it once I told him I wanted to call it ‘Why?’ and he heard the verses.

“Interscope at the time was the major monster machine. Once they felt excited about it, it was out of my hands. Jimmy [Iovine] was telling them, ‘Get this where it needs to be.’ That’s just the politics, like why can’t that happen with every song?”