Ghostface Killah f/ Jadakiss “Run” (2004)

Produced by: RZA

Jadakiss: “I was working on my album. They told me Ghost wanted me to be on his song. I was like, ‘Cool.’ When I heard the beat, it was crazy. And then they told me RZA did it. You know that’s always good for your resume to bless one of the iconic producers' tracks. So that was like a no-brainer too. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the legacy.

“That’s where [our relationship with Wu-Tang Clan] really started. It worked out good. The video was cool. Ever since then, we good. Right now Sheek and Ghost are working on an album, Wu Block.

”I definitely [have memories of being young running from the cops]. I got memories right now of running from the cops! Last week! Nah, but that verse really came from me watching and having knowledge, just being able to put personal experiences and stuff that I’ve seen growing up in the hood into a sixteen bar verse that you can visualize.”