Jadakiss f/ Pharrell “Knock Yourself Out” (2001)

Produced by: The Neptunes

Jadakiss: “The beat you hear wasn’t the original beat. I went down to Virginia to work with Pharrell, he came up with the beat and the hook, then he told me he needed a while and he was going to send it up. I came back to New York and I’m working in the Hit Factory, or Sony, one of them shits, and I was going in to lay ‘Knock Yourself Out,’ and I pull it up and it’s not even the beat that I went [to Virginia] and heard. I’m like, ‘What the fuck?’ They’re like, ‘Yo, he wanted to change it.’ Then I start thinking like, ‘Did somebody else take my beat?’ Then Styles was like, ‘Fuck it, just do this shit.’

“I liked [the new beat], but I didn’t like it as much as the one I originally chose. [Pharrell] switched it, he thought it was too slow. It ended up working. Sometimes you gotta listen to the producer. Sometimes the producer hears things that you don’t hear, that’s why he’s the producer.

“Sometimes you don’t like it, but you gotta deal with it, as long as it benefits. To this day, I throw it on and still rock it. So I’m good. It worked out. And I never heard the other beat [on another artist’s song] so that was love too. He ain’t do me like that. Actually, my road manager still got that beat. You might be hearing it real soon. He might be happy right now if I pull that out! He might’ve forgot about that beat!

”The video was incredible. We all went to Cali. I did the uncut version. Soft porn. It was cool. Beautiful. Melyssa Ford, that was her first time really in a video being the main girl, with all her assets, diving in the pool. It felt good stepping out there [solo] for the first time, but it was never like I was solo, because if you looked to the left or the right, you would always see my brothers right there. I don’t bask in the glory alone.”