DMX f/ The Lox & Jay-Z “Blackout” (1998)

Produced by: Swizz Beatz

Jadakiss: “We were heavy Ryders now. We got off Bad Boy, we’re home sweet home with Ruff Ryders, able to ventilate, say anything we want, comfortable in our skin. We were going to Cali for a month, or a few weeks or so, for a video or something. I know we were going to be over there recording. And that was the first song we got in there.

”Once we put the beat up and we’re writing, it’s whoever. I may have finished first and said, ‘Let me go in.’ That always brings inspiration in case someone can’t finish, or they’re stuck in the middle. After I lay it, that usually gets the kinks out for the other two or whoever else is on the song. We’re able to generate and make the chemistry like that. When I like the beat [I write on the spot]. Sometimes If I don’t really like it, or it ain’t clicking, it may take me a few. But for the most part, for the last ten years, everything you hear came right there.

”Hov was moving around touring. If you hear his verse he was kinda sick. We were catching him in transition before he went to London. And X was already in beast mode. Second album right? Yeah, he had the fire under his ass.”