Jadakiss “40 Bars of Terror” (2004)

Produced by: Scram Jones

Jadakiss: “That was that Terror Squad beat. When I heard it, I loved it. I had to get on that. All the beats you ever hear me use when they’re somebody else’s, they’re beats that I really liked when I first heard it, or those are songs I liked as a fan that I probably played with their words on it. Whenever you’re in mixtape mode with that kind of mixtape where you’re rhyming on other people’s beats, you can just say whatever you feel. That’s the good thing about mixtapes. You ain’t worried about radio, you ain’t worried about who cares. I wish I could get in mixtape mode when I’m making albums, but it’s hard due to the politics of it. But if you could, it would be beautiful, because you don’t give a fuck.”