Pete Rock f/ Big Punisher, Noreaga, & Common “Verbal Murder 2” (1998)

Album: Soul Survivor

Label: Loud/RCA/BMG

Pete Rock: “I remember Pun being in the booth, and he did everything in one take, and asked to do it again. When he did the first take, he was eating a bag of Onion and Garlic Wise potato chips at the same time. I’ll never forget this. He was sitting in the chair. He was eating the bag of chips, started doing the verse, stopped, and then started eating the chips again. He did the verse in one take, and I was satisfied with the one verse, but he wanted to do another take just in case I needed it for anything, back-up ad-libs or whatever. He was a straight professional. Pun came in and did his verse real quick, and Nore came another day. And then Common came one day and did his verse.”

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