Pete Rock f/ Raekwon, Ghostface, & Prodigy “Tha Game” (1998)

Album: Soul Survivor

Label: Loud/RCA/BMG

Pete Rock: “[The song came together] from me being on the label, on Loud [Records], and everyone hanging up at the Loud office. Up there, there was a lot going on. Pun, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang was actually the best rap roster at that time. And I was grateful to be a part of that. I used to always be up at the Loud office. One day, Raekwon was up there, and we just kicked it, I played a couple of beats, and we figured out that I would use him, Prodigy, and Ghostface on the song. There’s not really [a story behind that beat], I just heard the loop real quick and put it down. Everybody killed it, nobody more than anyone else. That’s why the song is so historic. Everyone is on one level. People were blown away.”

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