Pete Rock f/ Tragedy Khadafi, Cappadonna, & Sticky Fingaz “Strange Fruit” (1998)

Album: Soul Survivor

Label: Loud/RCA/BMG

Pete Rock: “Me and a guy named Chris LaMonica were executive producing the album. There were a couple of compilations that came out [around that time], but I thought it would be great to do a compilation on some Pete Rock shit. That’s basically what I was on. And we would think of people to go and get.

"Cappadonna was easy because Wu-Tang was already on Loud. That was a given. Then we just went and fished for Sticky, and he was down. And Tragedy been my man for years. I met Tragedy back in ‘88, and we’ve been friends ever since. I wanted to make something eerie, and I always liked the song by Billie Holiday, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a beat like that and call it ‘Strange Fruit.’”

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