Raekwon “Sonny’s Missing” (2009)

Album: Only Built For Cuban Linx... Part II

Label: Ice H2O/EMI

Pete Rock: “I originally did that beat for Royal Flush [on NY’s Finest]. What happened was, I gave the beat to Raekwon [way before I used it with Royal Flush], and it was just lingering for years and years. Sometimes you can’t get to stuff right away. I didn’t think he wanted the beat anymore, so I used it for my album. Then I hear it on his album. I didn’t think nothing of it, but I wish he came and got another beat from me though, because I would have definitely laced him with some fire.

“I think he [realized it], but it is what it is. It actually made sense for Raekwon to rhyme over it. The sample is from The Education of Sonny Carson soundtrack, and they actually introduced that movie to hip-hop. It felt great [to be a part of Only Built For Cuban Linx II].

”Raekwon is a master. I’ve been a fan since day one. I used to go to Wu sessions just to hang out. I used to tell them the same stories I’m telling you. They would want to know how I made this beat and that beat, and what I was thinking about. All due respect to the general, salute. He’s on tour right now, but I got beats for him, and I know when he gets time, he’ll sit down with me and we’ll do it.”