Pete Rock & CL Smooth f/ Grand Puba “Skinz” (1992)

Album: Mecca and the Soul Brother

Label: Elektra

Pete Rock: “The last record we did for the first album was ‘Skinz.’ It was the very last song. That completed the album. We walked out of the studio and it was snowing, and we were [filming ourselves] on videotape saying we finished the album.

“Grand Puba’s family. When it’s family, it’s just a meeting of the minds. Like, ‘Let me get on that!’ ‘Go ahead!’ We were labelmates on Elektra Records. [He lived] right next door to Mount Vernon [in New Rochelle]. We used to hang out in Lincoln Park. We used to be in New Rochelle a lot, in the projects, going to the football and basketball games. I used to do parties in the New Rochelle High School gym.

”Puba wrote my first two raps [after ‘Don’t Curse’]. We did ‘The Creator,’ and he wrote ‘Soul Brother #1.’ I got inspired [to write my own raps] hanging out with Grand Puba and Brand Nubian. [Puba] used to gas me up. We also did a couple basement demos in my house that never came out.”