House of Pain “Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)” (1992)

Album: "Jump Around" Single

Label: Tommy Boy

Pete Rock: “That happened through Tommy Boy. Shout out to Monica Lynch and Tom Silverman for giving me a lot of opportunities to work at Tommy Boy as far as producing. At the time I was doing ‘Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix),’ I was doing ‘Down With The King.’ I was in the A and the B room in The Hit Factory when it used to be on 42nd Street. I would go to one room, finish up whatever I was finishing, scratches or whatever, go to the other room, lay down vocals or do whatever, just going back and forth all night, and finishing up the songs, both of them. I used to do that. The most songs I ever mixed and finished in one day was two songs, being in a studio with a budget.

“Everything started falling in the pipeline once the ‘Shut ‘Em Down (Remix)’ came out. Everyone wanted me to remix their records. So I just seized the opportunities. Back then I used to just re-work the [song] and put in a totally different beat. Any time I was getting ready to do a remix, I would just get the tempo of the original song, and make the beat to that tempo. There’s your remix. It’s just a different beat.

“[I was a fan of the original ‘Jump Around’]. The original is what I come on with first when I’m DJing at parties, and then I hit ‘em with the remix. They asked me to rap on it, if I can remember. Everlast is cool, that’s my dog. I haven’t seen him in a while. Last time I saw him was when I was on the “Rock The Bells” tour. We chit chatted back stage for a little bit. I love Everlast and what he does.”